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What it means to be apart of the Eqvxion

What is going on my friends? You may catch me saying you are apart of the Eqvxion (equation) but, you may not understand the true meaning of the phrase. Being apart of the Eqvxion means that without you there is no me, it is the promotion and acceptance of unity, oneness, and togetherness. Maybe you have heard of this particular love being taught in the non-duality realm. Naturally a thought may arise that says what is non duality? That is a great question and the answer is simple but in a way complex, by the end of this message you will understand the wealth inside non-duality and the wholeness associated with the term.

What is non-duality?

Taking a dive into the universe of non duality we can discover what it truly is. To give a more precise understanding let’s realize what it is not. It is not a religion, it is not a belief or thought. Remember earlier I said that it is simple but complex, you may begin to see why. See, the truth about non-duality is that there isn’t a set definition for the term. The reason for this is because words often set a paradox when describing things. Just take a look at non-duality the opposite would be duality. To say that I am not dual the opposite would also be true to say I do not agree with duality in other words anti. That is the misconception, because one might say I disagree with everyone who is not a follower of non-dualism. That makes non-duality seem like a religion in a sense and that my friends is totally against the viewpoint here of wholeness. We must be invested in the truth of the matter, if you are catching my drift.

I want to explain what non duality is from my perception along with some research that I have been gathering over the past year. I feel you all can relate with me more intimately taking this route in explaining our essence. Anxiety and depression served as catalysts in my life for understanding who I am. After multiple panic attacks and emergency room visits I feel a natural question arised of “how can I get this under control ? ” or “ why is this happening to me ? “ . I want you all to evaluate the latter question with me. Many of us have asked ourselves “why is this happening to me ? “ this question suggests that you are the only experiencer of this reality. Unless you have been in a coma for quite some time or like Patrick Star you are living under a rock you know that mental health is a huge topic in this era. This excited me to do my own hunting for the resolution of my worries. I have read and participated in many forums and what I come to find was the fact that I am not alone, even though on the contrary I felt secluded.

As I began to relate and feel myself in each story there was a sense of wholeness that slowly engulfed my being, almost an understanding/appreciation for my family in the mental health forums. People had different stories but the outcome felt identical. I began to lose my sense of self, all of those free minded folk that say the world is an illusion all of sudden started to make sense. I began to open my self up to the possibility we are all connected. A oneness that which I am, is also what you are. In a way it is like the saying “ we all bleed the same blood. “

You may still ask well, what is non-duality? it is the translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Advaita’ meaning peerless and having no duplicate or ultimate truth. It is described as the essential oneness of everything. Dispelling any belief that matter is separate from the experiencer of matter. Simply put everything stems from consciousness. The beautiful meadows to the depth of the ocean is all apart of me and you. In a world of perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings consciousness is dressed almost to the point where you don’t recognize yourself amongst people and nature. This reality that humans created with all of the intellectual knowledge ( labels and constructs i.e. race, religion, and social structure) deters us away from the truth. What is life before thought and the limits that come with it. That is where we can begin to find our answer.

Is the answer non-duality?

To simply put it I believe that this is the answer for a plethora of issues and suffering that are in whole self inflicted. Think about the state of the world that we live in. I love to stay on the positive side of the spectrum but, to put things into perspective let us evaluate our reality. We have essentially barriers that divide us and almost seemingly feels like a structure to keep us in an individual mindset. For example you would look at me and say that I am a black male or “ African American” labels that might even come with a set of opinions or preconceived notions. This means I must like hip hop ( granted I love hip hop but I also love all genres of music). Furthermore, when these labels are not fulfilled then I am not black or not that black right? Continuing on with labels, what does that mean for the white people or “ Caucasian” and the thoughts that occur around that label? This must mean they have life easier and they listen to country music right? You can begin to understand the gist of the terminology here, just typing it feels distasteful.

What I am getting at is that I do not care if whomever listens to country, hip hop, indie, or electronic music. It doesn’t belong to anyone in particular. When we as a family accept these labels we dim down the love and light that we truly are. It is a knowing that it is a creation from the same place that we all come from. This truth becomes more and more evident when you begin to understand who you truly are before the labels. That is why you are apart of the EQVXION. Yes you are unique but no one is special or superior. For we are all in this together the sooner we realize that we can grow exponentially as one, as a unit, as love. This is the premise that Eqvxion is built on togetherness, oneness, and ultimately love. That is what non-dualism is, it is Love.

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