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Meet Edwin 

Self-proclaimed lover of all things, transformational life coach, & healer.

Edwin uses his genuine love for humanity to fuel his passion & desire to help others discover how to shine their own lights bright so that we all may grow together as one. Edwin's ability to bridge the gap between his own unique journey & the journey of finding love, authenticity, & unity gives him the unique mastery required to enhance the lives of others. 

Coaching Style


My style is energetic and progressive. I will keep you on your toes and challenge you to elevate to your highest purpose and take action to move forward in that truth.


I value and respect the uniqueness of every individual. No formula, strategy, or idea works for everyone. I tailor my coaching to suit you, so that we can focus on what wants to happen.


I love being a supporter, your number 1 fan. You can find me cheering for you on the bleachers, being the loudest. I will inspire you to be your very best so that you may create the life you want to live and live it abundantly.


Listening and attuning to your deeper sense of self will help me to ask you essential questions in a loving way makes my coaching compelling & enables you to think & move outside of the box.

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From My Blog

Check out my blog where I discuss my journey, how to become aligned with your highest self, & tips to stay true to love, authenticity, & unity.

Start Your Journey

All of my services are currently FREE. If it feels good to contribute to the content I share, or if your life has been impacted by these learnings/teachings, you can make a donation below.





"Every once in a while you come across a coach like Edwin, one of the most authentic human beings I have met as a coach trainer. Life is not easy, and challenges and problems weigh us down. To be able to share your life with a person whose heart is so open, and who can hold an incredibly safe space for you, is a gift. Edwin has walked the rocky road. He has gone deep within himself and faced his own limitations, pain and fear. Combine that with the capacity to coach others along the same path, and you have someone in whom you can trust your life. That’s what makes for a great coach: it’s the ability to support people to grow that is born from the fire of personal experience. Edwin is that coach, and when you put your life in his hands and heart, you will grow in ways you never thought possible."

Leon VanderPol
Founder, Center for Transformational Coaching


"Edwin Holland excels in getting his clients from where they are now to where they want to be. He has a remarkable way of coaching using solution-focused techniques, which is crucial when clients are on the road to success. Edwin's inviting personality makes it easy to communicate and open up about life's problems. I truly enjoyed Edwin as a student and coach. I highly recommend Edwin Holland for coaching services."

Ayisha Amatullah
Owner of Universal Coach Institute


"Having worked, learned, shared with Edwin, I can say that these words of Steve Maraboli, fit Edwin to a T. "Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering." Edwin is a giver and is inspiring to the lives that he touches. He has mine. Thanks, Edwin for being you!"

Khorsian Blanc-Ridings
Healthcare Field


"Edwin is a true master of presence. The space he holds for clients (and everyone) is filled with warmth, compassion, and joy. He has an ability to inspire the best in those that sit with him, encouraging people to show up in their authenticity and purpose. It has been an honor to know Edwin and to be in his radiant presence."

Blaire Morriss
Certified Health & Wellness Coach


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